Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ready for another weekend(month? :)) away...

I feel like My Man and I have a lot of desires for each other physically and emotionally right now, but are physically exhausted and mentally weary and just... tired.

How do people do life in the real world? I mean seriously, in erotica it's easy because the guy is almost always crazy rich and they can spend day in an day out with each other. My Man and I get more time then many of my friends AND we don't have kids yet, so the time we do have is really our own, but it's still really really hard.

This is My Man all the way -

thankfully, I am not here yet, but this is me so much of the time and could be me come 11pm :-p

Hopefully we will both be able to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight. It's just so much more fun to stay up.... :)

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  1. We live firmly planted in the real world - jobs, kid, side business, in bed by at least 11, the whole nine. But we make sure to keep our priorities sorted.

    We mostly don't watch TV - an hour of either TV or a video game after dinner, then sometimes a movie after the munchkin's in bed (SOMETIMES - once a week or so). The rest of the time we're focused on each other. We talk or have sex or - sometimes - we get to go out.