Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's, DAY ;-)

Ok, so yesterday was so sweet he took me to dinner at a place I've REALLY been wanting to get prime rib. It was pretty nasty. Lol.

Then he bought me new nose rings - I love them!

Took me to the opening night of Beautiful Minds which I REALLY wanted to see - HATED it.

Then today was supposed to be laying in bed and watching movies... didn't work out that way. It's been kinda weird.

BUT... one of the things he bought last night when he got my nose rings was a... it says "pleasure crop" and there ain't nothing pleasurable about it. ;-)

It's like this only ours doesn't have the "crop" part at the end it's just long and skinny

It's like this really really flexible thing, where you barely move your hands and it "wobbles"?

Well. I asked if we could try it out, and I emphasized over and over "LIGHTLY"....fuckin' bastard. ;-) He is a sadist. He cannot get joy out of it unless I am squealing. ;-) It's weird, it hurts WAY more than it marks... like my butt/thighs were barely pinked, but it still is stinging. At the end he did two "big ones" and they were horrible. :-p I think he found a new torture device. In good news though it is SO SO SO quiet. :) Oh, and I BEGGED him to let me try it out on him for Valentine's Day... his response " There will be NO valentine's day where I let you beat my butt" *sigh*


  1. How about when it's not v day. Will he let u swat him then?! Lol

    1. He says NO day, and then I asked "What if I am dying of cancer" and he said "Ok, then you can because you'll be so weak you'll barely tap me" :-) :-p

  2. I got a riding crop for Valentines Day too and it stung like hell!Perhaps if they were on the receiving end they might go more lightly lol.

    1. I agree!!! He is a sadist at heart I just know it. ;-)