Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow... I had forgotten...

how amazing sex and erotic spankings and "buzzbuzz" is! :D

So, I read "A Firm Husband" by Sue Lyndon and by the time I was done I was craving a spanking SOOOO BAAAD!!!! But, I VERY VERY VERY rarely ask for it, and have stated repeatedly that it doesn't do anything for me unless I was bad.

Well... I was proved wrong. :)

I went over to My Man and laid down with my head on his chest. He looked at me and said "I can tell you want something, but you're gonna have to ask."

Me sheepishly "What do I want?"

Him : Well, one of two things, and yeah... I am pretty sure I know which one. But... you haven't been bad."

Me: I want it, I NEED IT! I read my book and -

Him: OH! You read erotica and now you need me??

Me: yes.

So... he did. (A GREAT job btw!) and then we made love with me on top (another thing that RARELY works). (after I ran to the bathroom, ripped out my tampon, and made sure there was no blood ;-)), and then I buzzed myself. Praise The Lord it was good!! Both of us had been about 2 weeks (well. I'd hope if one of us hadn't had sex in 2 weeks the other hadn't either ;-)) and I didn't realize how much I missed it. :D

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