Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A New rule???

I will preface this by saying I feel VERY loved and protected and cared for right now, so the whining tone of this post is 95% for fun. :)

As long as I have been in the TTWD/DD circles I have seen women talk about how they texted while driving and got busted. My Man reads and texts while he drives, so I never gave it a second thought. But I was always jealous of their protection.

Soooo tonight I was driving My Man home tonight (we decided I can be subbie and drive him, so he can read and that is serving him and therefore subbie ;-)) and got a text from my bro. My Man had just commented 2 minutes before that I am WAY more aggressive and confident of a driver than I used to be. He likes the confidence, but was a bit shocked at the agression. I told him he taught me, so he cannot  complain. So, as I was replying to my brother's text I said "See... I text and drive too! I'm a wild woman!" He ripped the phone out of my hands, grabbed my ponytail, pulled hard, and said "NO MORE!" and I said "But we don't have that rule." *practically rips my hair outta my head* "We do now young lady. No Texting While Driving. Do? You? Understand?" I basically mumbled something about it never being a rule before and this is unfair and he does it, but eventually said "Yes Sir." And as I complained about our new rule I told him I feel very protected. :-)

I not allowed to read, reply, or otherwise have anything to do with texts or emails unless I am at a red light completely stopped. I have a feeling this will not be a rule I adhere to very well, but we'll see... it might be easy. *raised eyebrow*


  1. i make sure that BIKSS follows this rule too. it took some nagging, but we got there in the end. I think it's only fair that they lead by example :)

    and so, if it's potentially dangerous for us, they have to accept that it's potentially dangerous for them too. Ta-da!

    1. I guess I should note he *says* he doesn't text or read except at stoplights... :)

  2. Sorry for you Young Lady.
    All HoH's are verrrryyy protective. Comes with the job.
    No more texting and driving for you.
    Oh, not for him anymore too. Leading by example is an important part of the HoH/sub deal.
    A HoH who thinks the safety rules are just for the sub, should go back to HoH school.

    1. I see that. I was actually very obedient today and didn't read my texts from Fondles until I was safely parked. ;-)

      He holds himself to the same safety rules, but not all the same rules :)