Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rambling for the sake of Rambling...

I feel like writing, but don't really know what I am wanting to write about. So I am gonna word-vomit and then whatever seems to be a popular topic (for me, interesting and popular for me. What I want to hear myself talk about ;-)) will get the bulk of the writing.

I got to give my 14 year old sis "The Talk" a few days ago. She took it very well and we have been laughing about it since then. I am glad. I didn't want to be the one to scar her for life.

Does anyone else bleed after sex? It's just in the last 6 months, if we have really vigorous sex I have blood for a time or two of using the restroom after. And cramps. Like baby menstrual or ovulation cramps. I get them for a few hours after. But not "down there", more like under my belly button. Very weird.

Also, does semen make anyone else itchy?? If I don't wipe out really well after it gets burning and REALLY itchy like an hour later. If I go to sleep before "taking care of business" the next morning is QUITE uncomfortable.

I was a decent girl this morning. I emptied and loaded the dishwasher before sitting down on the computer. Our house is so trashed again. *sigh* We are legitmately talking about hiring my uber clean organized sis to come once or twice a month to clean for us.

The whole diet/exercise thing is really hard. The diet is harder for me than the exercise though. I can't just eat salads for the rest of my life and even "good" things like boneless skinless chicken breast have a bazillion calories. *Sigh* I have not had any sweets though. Like no ice cream or sweet tea or candy. I did have some gum... I wish the gym was closer to my house and I didn't feel scared going alone. My Man works hard at work, so he doesn't like to go to the gym every day, he will for me, but he is so tired I hate to force him. It's also hard because My Man doesn't need to diet - he just needs to work out. (need = this is what he has chosen ;-)), and I am not a great "alone" person. Also, getting lose calorie foods from fast food or cheaper sit down is almost impossible. And cooking isn't always possible. Ugh. I wish this were easy. I guess the good news is that I REALLY like going on the treadmill now. I don't go very fast, but it DOES relax me and that is a new thing. I am noticing on the days where I don't work out I am more depressed. hmm....

I want to go rent a small cabin or house or something for a week. Nothing fancy, just somewhere we can be alone and noisy and relaxed. I want to do kinky stuff, do normal stuff kinkily (like cooking naked :D), read, watch movies (I want a place without cable, so we are forced to watch movies or old tv shows...we both have so many things we want to watch with the other, but with so many shows to "keep up on" we never get to those), play card and board games, and just... exist. without anyone else. Without any responsibilities. Just love being together again.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!!! I got My Man some cool stuff and I know he put a lot of thought into my gifts this year, so I am pretty stoked!! :-D I am NOT (NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT notnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnot) excited about travelling to visit his family. Our current schedule is - 22 his maternal grandparents and aunts uncles cousins etc in a small house with a dog and a lot of cigarette smoke (i have allergies)(like 6 hours round trip one day), 23 his mom, 24 his dad, 25 home in the morning and my fam and Grandma in the afternoon (excited about this), 26 paternal grandparents with aunts uncles cousins his siblings (not other kids so they will be excited to talk to us the whole time :-p ;-)) (we are either doing 6/7 hours in one day or spending the night not sure) Then the 1st of Jan is my Dad's brother (i LIKE going there ;-)) and sometimes in Jan or Feb is Mama's family (I like this's my family and less stress ;-)) I think I am stressed because I feel like his family (His Mom's mom especially) judge me. I am overweight, I am not a good "housewife" or cook or everything else I SHOULD be, and it's loud and hot and... there is no one my age either place. Like his mom's family it's people over 60, his mom/her wife/his uncle/his wife, and then his siblings and 2 cousins who are 11 and 14? His cousins are fun to talk to, and maybe I can talk them into playing cards or something. :) At his dad's it's his grandparents *80's*, his aunts and uncles *60's*, their random friends and stuff, and his cousins who are actually my age RARELY come and if they do they don't talk to me. And his married sister who is my age... I don't want to say she doesn't like me, but... it feels like she looks down on me and... SHE CUT ME OUT OF THE FAMILY PICTURE!! Sorry.. this is a new thing I haven't even told Ben... There is a picture of all the "girls" and I was in it, and my hair is STILL in it, but she cut me out...and then tagged me "I love you too, Young Lady!" So... maybe she cut me out because I looked bad and she was trying to be kind or maybe I really wasn't in that shot and it just looks like wisps of my hair in the corner... I dunno... I am just stressed about seeing all of his family. :-p

I guess that is enough rambling... I could go all day. ;-)


  1. Hi there again. It sounds like you need to speak w/ your ob/gyn. Vigorous sex could cause a little spotting and sperm has prostiglandins that may cause cramping, but sometimes these symptoms can indicate something such as endometriosis which can be treated many times w/birth control pills. Does your husband use a different soap or body wash that you might have an allergy to?As for cooking it takes practice. We used to joke that you knew dinner was done when the smoke alarm went off. If you're short on time at the end of the day the crock pot can be yor friend. Love Mrs. D

  2. Mrs. D!!! I wrote you a nice long reply and my compute ate it - BAD COMPUTER NO COOKIE! :)

    I'll try again -

    1. My cooking is ACTUALLY good, it's just that I don't cook what she does or how she does. (And dislike her cooking a lot. She is very...southern. and her food is heavy, rubbery, and bland ;-))(It sounds like I hate her... I really don't. She is a very kind lady and I love her, we just butt heads a lot.) And she thinks the husband is a king. Especially MINE since he was her first grandson and she worships the ground he walks on. So...when I say stuff like "And I had My Man do xyz" she is like "You should be doing that. you're the wife." Ugh.

    2. We get insurance in a month!!!! I am so stoked!! We have been without for 4 years. The pill made me HATE sex AND we are trying to get pregnant, but other than that it's a GREAT suggestion, Every doctor I saw from 17 - 24 suggested it, pushed it, wanted me on it. :)

    3. We did have a crockpot and it helped a LOT, but it broke and he doesn't like stews/soups and I don't prefer crock pot meat, so... yeah. :-p

  3. So, the burning - for a while, in the middle of our marriage, out of the blue - every time we had sex, his semen burned me like acid. We explored Karezza then, and sex that ended with his semen somewhere besides in my vagina - because it HURT.

    I'm not sure why it stopped, but it did. Now we still explore, but because we like it. :)

    A helpful thing to do for meals too is to have some veggies (onions, peppers, whatever) already chopped during your free time and in the fridge so when you're ready to cook with them you can.

    1. See... I burn and itch if it gets on my boobs, my hand, my tummy, etc... very weird. :) What is Karezza??? I could google it, but im scared ;-)

      Yes - so true...except we don't eat veggies. ;-) We eat rice, pasta, and meat. And frozen stuff. I want us to eat more veggies, but he doesnt like them :)

    2. I'm thinking the two things might be connected - the singing and dancing and the burning and dying?

      Um, sorry, channeling Xander for a minute - rather, the not eating veggies and the burning burning burning semen. :) Could very well be.

      Karezza is/was a method of lovemaking that involved neither partner (but especially the male) coming to orgasm - advertised back in the day as the best way to avoid pregnancy, but also an excellent way to NOT have semen burning you. It's nothing scary. :)

    3. I LOVE XANDER! ;-)

      Really?? Hmm... I eat a lot more veggies then he does, and have been eating a lot more since starting this diet. :-D Weird though... AS for not coming...well... in order to make a baby... ;-) But, it is helpful to know what that is - very cool!!

      Thanks for being such a good reader and replying and really caring. *HUG* I appreciate you being here today and sharing so much!! (I just finished listening to "There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom" and Carla the therapist says that every chapter. ;-))

    4. Yes, well, even our baby-making took a back seat to getting RID OF THE BURNING. Ack. :) But his diet is a huge contributor to the makeup of his semen, so I'm thinking either adding something or eliminating something could be helpful. How it reacts with your particular body chemistry is a thing, too.. what an interesting experiment to try and conduct.

      "Does it still burn?"
      "How about now, babe?"
      YES! ARGH.

      Good luck. :)

      You're welcome. I try to be helpful and I hope I never seem overbearing or know-it-all-y. :)

      I read that book probably 7-8 times as a kid (bought it at the book fair in 4th grade), and I cried EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What a tear-jerker.

      The part where they're talking about being bitten on the butt always made my lower back tingle in a delicious/awkward way.

    5. I can't imagine anything hampering my baby-making once we figure out how to make a baby. :-p The burning/itching is only bad if I don't clean well enough. :)

      Haha with your experiments idea!

      I LOVED THAT BOOK!! And the girls love loved it too!! I have found the joys of putting on a book on cd in the car... it shuts them up for HOURS! ;-)

      Their favorite lines are

      I am not prince charming and you are not cinderella!

      And "Carla had the uncomfortable feeling they would ALL like to bite her butt!"