Friday, December 14, 2012

My Man is OFF TOMORROW!!!!

Actually, he is off Sat AND Sun!!! I just have to give a HUGE shout out to my amazing husband!!!! He worked like 9 or 10 days straight because I mentioned that we never get the weekend off together, so he told his boss he'd work straight through, so he could bless me that way. And this week has SUCKED as far as sleep and stuff for him.. 90% of the time he works 2pm - 10pm, so our schedule is very much a stay up late/sleep in late kinda deal. He has a REALLY hard time adjusting to different times (I take sleeping pills, so I am more flexible :)), THIS week he was supposed to be 6am everyday, so he is on 2 hours of sleep today, and for most of the week has been on 4 - 6.  I can't wait to pick him up from work, bring him home to a yummy dinner (NY Strip steak and rice) and then let him sleep for 14 hours! ;-)

Tomorrow he is making me go to a ladies brunch with the ladies from church. Yuck. It's at 10am, it's women I don't know that well, and he won't be there. I HATE doing stuff with church people without him. :( Unless it's one on one girl time I really don't like doing much of anything without him.

We are hoping to do our Christmas decorations this weekend and he says he'll take me to the movies..we'll see.

My spank tank is dry. ;)

Not related my fave t-shirt I've seen in a long time

It says "Kiss me <>Then<> Spank Me! I', Irish and I'm naughty" ;-) ;-) ;-)


  1. I hate doing pretty much anything minus my husband too. It's like, what is the POINT?

    1. He let me off the hook. It might have helped that I cried and held him tight and begged "PLEASE PLEASE Don't make me go!! I just wanna spend time with YOU!" :) I meant every word of it.

      Now I go to play Skyrim since I don't have to get up in the morning ;-)

      PS. The Skyrim is not actually related at all, I am SO grateful he is not making me go 'cause I felt sick over it, but I AM going to play now and it DOES look naughty ;-)

    2. Enjoy your day off together!
      Love Mrs. D

  2. I have a blog about this

    Princess x