Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I want a break

This is like the giving up post 2...

I want a break. I want to leave the car at his work, hole up a roach motel for a few nights and just... breathe. Not be a wife. Not be nanny. Not have to be anything. Just breathe, cry, take hot baths, scrub every inch of my body until I feel good and clean...and breathe.

I wanna hop on a plane and fly to somewhere random, like Chicago or LA, and just exist where no one knows me and no one cares.


  1. Wish I could join you! I need a break from my kiddos.. I love them but I've not slept more then 3 hours at a time now in 12 weeks!
    Life gets crazy.. wish I had a get away sometimes.

    I guess we have blogging? Right??


    1. We can both go to a tropical island where cute men in sarongs will feed us and tell us we are amazing (but never touch :)).

      Sounds lovely... :)