Thursday, December 27, 2012

Word Vomit....

This is going to be a jumble... :)

1. We had an amazingly blessed Christmas. I like to write out what we got, so here goes...

From him to me - "Submissive" T-shirt, a GORGEOUS collar, Kick-ass boots, a new printer :D, cute silver dangly heart earrings, a little pill case that was supposed to be for my credit cards, but he misjudged the size - it has a pin-up type picture of a guy spanking a gal :), in my stocking there was twix, olives, hair stuff, glow sticks ;), make-up, lotion, shower gel, deodorant, umm... i THINK that's it :)

From me to him - 3 t-shirts, "Because I'm the Dom - that's why" (With handcuffs), some kind of video game "Naughty Girl Paddler" thing, and the one I created "I Spank My Wife" and the  back "...and she likes it", An external hard drive, socks, a shoulder bag to carry his laptop, Season 1 of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and then in his stocking - Candy, a my little pony board book, a paddle ball and hand clapper thing to try as implements, deodorant and body wash, a dollar computer game :), canned peaches, cough drops, cologne, and i THINK that's it :) OH! I remembered - I gave him 3 "vibrating cock rings", we tried one Christmas eve and it didn't do much, but we'll keep trying :D

From others - Sims 3 for me and Undignified (or something) for Ben the Xbox360 from my bro, movie tickets and a 2013 Entertainment coupon book from my folks, Chipotle giftcard from my sis and bro-in-law, Applebees giftcard from my lil' sis and bro, AMC giftcard from another bro, nailpolish from my baby sis, My grandma gave us a bag of stuff (cooking stuff, candy, socks, disposable razors (this is all I used to cut when i was a cutter, so i don't know if these will stay in the house...) and $50 each :D), his mom gave us 2 REALLY cool books she made with pictures and notes from his family history for the past 100 years, a new ornament, and a yummy "Monkey Bread" mix that had a sturdy lil' wooden spoon on it ;-), his married sis and her husband gave us a giftcard to Logan's Steakhouse, his sis crossstichted me this AWESOME sign that says "Young Lady's Kitchen", another sis gave us glass bottles of coke and Reeses Pieces :), his bro gave him a John Grisham book, his baby sis gave us some REALLY nice headphones, his Grandma gave us a lot of household goods (canned food, paper towels, toilet paper, etc), his dad gave us (in addition to paying the $500 deductible for the car insurance) an AMC giftcard, a $50 mastercard for me, and a golf membership for My Man, and his other grandma has a gift for us, but i dont know what it is yet. Oh my bio-dad gave us $200 bucks. :-o (100 2 weeks before Christmas and 100 for Christmas)

We are VERY blessed! :-D

2. I can't orgasm. The last week it builds and builds, I am CRAZY horny (ALL THE TIME), it feels amazing when we are having sex or buzzing, but it never "tips". I have had quite a few fits the last few days. :-p My Man wants to put the hitachi away for awhile and try smaller vibes to see if maybe a slower more focused build will "tip" me. PRE-hitachi it would take a long time, but eventually I'd GUSH. Like soak through blankets sheets mattress, and then when we got the hitachi I started O'ing a lot faster, but didn't gush anymore... and the last 6 months or so the orgasms have been getting less and less impressive. So we may try that.

3. We will have insurance in 5 days!! *health* I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Not only can we check on the infertility, but we can get my knees and ankle and the lump on my neck and maybe even my physical lack of anything when it comes to sex so much of the time checked out. :)

4. I feel emotionally depressed and don't know why.

5. We saw Hobbit and Django - LOVED DJANGO!!! :D Hobbit was good.

6. We are having friends over on NYE, so I am supposed to be cleaning today. IT's a lot easier to say I am gonna clean then to actually do it. :)



  1. This is not a word vomit, but a presents shower.
    What do you expect him to do with the Little Pony?

    1. hee hee, it was!! A very blessed shower :)

      Umm... I am not sure. He isnt sure either... I think it was his least favorite gift ;-)