Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Girl Update...

1. I scrubbed the kitchen floor and the whole bathroom (except for inside the tub) today! Yay! :)

2. I have gone over calories most days, but not too too much, and I figure I am eating less than I WAS and exercising more than I WAS, so it's gotta be doing good even if it's slow going. :) Last night I had a Roy Roger's Roast Beef and Large Fries - OH MY GOODNESS!! I have not had Roy's in over a year and it was like a foodgasm. I called My Man at work, so he could hear my moaning... he didn't care as much as I did. ;-) I go to the gym when I can. My Man is so busy it's hard to get there.

3. My Man is working crazy hours because of the holidays, so we are more in exist mode this week and next, but that's okay. :) I "earned" 3 spanking a few days ago that we had to forego because of schedules and busyness...and I am okay with that too. ;-) I have been working hard at not doing any read/writing on my phone while actually driving. It's really hard!! I had not realized how much I have been sending short messages, reading short things, and even just trying to find the song I want. It's hard, but everytime I catch myself I put the phone down. :)

4. I think overall I have been more of a joy rather than a curse, but we'll have to see what he thinks. :)


  1. Thats such a lovely post to read! Hurray on all counts!

  2. Now that's a good title for a blogpost.

    1. Thank you - I agree!! I am sure My Man would agree as well... this morning he greeted me with "I don't know why you're so cute today... I think it's because you are too tired for shenanigans." ;-)