Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What To Do When Your Dommy Hubby "Eff's Up"

So, remember that entry awhile back about not texting and driving? And how I said he does it and he said he pays attention and only does it when traffic is stopped?

Weelll.... the 3 cars in front of him tonight would  beg to differ.

He is okay, but VERY sore. The car he was driving is his dad's, it's in the shop, it'll probably be about 500 bucks for the co-pay on the insurance (or I guess with cars it's a deductible?), and that happens to be what his dad was gifting us this year. (SO generous!)

Basically he was in bad traffic, and reading. Then traffic started going up a hill and as he drove up the hill he "glanced down" at his book... and didn't realize traffic had stopped. He swerved and braked as much as he could, but the left light to the driver's door is pretty messed up and something with the breaks?

There is so much to be grateful for, and to start with I was ONLY worried and gracious. Just holding him when I got there (since he was in his dad's car our car is fine and I could go get him and wait with him for the tow truck), but then as he read the whole time I sat with him and the whole time I drove him home I started to get angry. Plus... it was really tempting that because of his foolishness I lost my Christmas money. (we split money we get) I can say objectively that I should be grateful (and in my heart I really really am), but there is still anger and hurt and annoyance to work through. My TEMPTATION is to remind him of what he has already admitted over and over. That I have told him so many times not to read and drive etc etc etc, but that wouldn't serve him right now. And honestly... it wouldn't serve me either. I wouldn't be building into the love and respect I am trying so hard to grow for him. PLUS, I would be devastated if he ripped me a new one if the tables were turned.

He just keeps telling me he is so sorry, and it's 100% his fault, and HE keeps saying "say you told me so. You did. You are right. I don't pay attention. I shouldn't read and drive." I can see how badly he feels. And I DO forgive him, I think between my period and not getting dinner and just being so scared for him today I just needed a little venting time. And now i am mostly okay. :)

Apparently we are getting more serious about the not texting/reading/emailing while driving now. I think it's gonna be harder for me than I wanted to admit. I texted Fondles while actively driving today. Not even at a stop light. *blush* Hopefully this will motivate BOTH of us to do better.


  1. I think I shall just NOT reply you until you prove to me that you're AT HOME when you text. hrmph.

    1. lol!! aww, dont be a meanie. ;-)

    2. I think she's got the right idea, if you can't be trusted to keep yourself safe for the sake of it.