Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How My Man helped me to attain "good girl status"

quoted from a conversation with Fondles

"Apparently a longer than usual spanking, wipes the slate clean, and apparently clean slates automatically equate to good girls, and good girls get decent orgasms"


For those who want more than that...

He came in and rubbed my whole body (I stripped to be ready for him), he talked a bit about how horrid I've been and how we both need this. He spanked me hard with his hand for what felt like forever - I was REALLY sensitive tonight and screamed a lot. I'm normally fairly quiet. Then he brought out his switch and started doing fast sharps hits all over my butt and thighs. I asked for a break, and he did, and then he started over with his hand and then told me that I was going to receive 20 stripes and could I take that for him. I did. Ouch. :)

Then he asked if I wanted him to fuck me - I did. He asked if I wanted it fast. I did. He kindly fucked me from behind, so it was fast AND I didn't need to lay on my butt. He commented on how WARM my butt was on his cold tummy. :-p ;-) It felt amazing. THEN when he finished I asked for a buzz. He told me I was a good girl and good girls may have a buzz. He started in doggy, but I quickly asked to flip over and hold it myself, and then I did something I RARELY do and asked him to put his finger inside of me to help. And it really DID!! It felt very good!! :D :D :D

Now I am cooking Mac and Cheese and getting a chicken breast ready. He also bought my favorite type of lean pocket and lettuce and celery for me, so I don't have any excuses to be below calories and so he has a fast thing to tell me "Ok you're 300 below go eat a hot pocket please." and I don't have a reason not to obey. It's a good plan. I had a bit of a freak out in the grocery store, but he informed me in NO uncertain terms that I am dieting HIS way, HIS timing, HIS calories, HIS exercise and he doesn't give a damn if it's not fast enough for me... it made me wet in the grocery store. *blush*

I feel well loved, well chastised, well cared for, and... strangely submissive. I shall now go sit on the floor by his chair and watch tv with my head on his lap. *grin*


  1. I see someone is liking sitting as his feet with her head in his lap?

    1. Haha...well, it was SUPPOSED to happen, but instead I sat in my own chair and he sat in his own chair, but we still had a good evening enjoying entertainment together, and I ate loads. :-) :-p

      It's very uncomfortable because of the height of his chair, it isn't a natural thing and gives me a crick in my neck. :-p :-) But, we'll figure out somethings I can do that make me feel subby and make him feel dommy. :)

  2. Ahh, a romantic picture of quiet happiness!

    I wonder, what tomorrow will bring.

    1. isn't it a sweet picture. It ended up being a very nice evening, even though we ended up in our separate chairs, but enjoying the same tv shows.

      I really truly hope today is a good day. I still want to eat very little so I can feel powerful, but I think my choice is to submit to the man who loves me instead. :)