Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Man is amazing...

I was thinking about how I tend to talk about My Man on here and when I am talking to certain people who I assume know I am joking. I use words like "jerk" "loser" "bully"... and I don't actually believe that at all. YES there are times he can be any one of those things, but as a general state of being he is not at all.

He is protective - which I LOVE!!! I LOVE that he wants to take care of me and keep me from harm. Actually one of my biggest complaints is times when he doesn't seem to care what I do and that makes me feel like he doesn't care about me. And that isn't the case at all.

He is funny - he makes me laugh, and enjoys laughing with me (and at me). Sometimes he has a sense of humor that I just don't GET, but that doesn't make him childish or immature - it just means he is finding joy and laughter in a situation I don't. And I am not one to talk... I laugh at ANYTHING feces related. My closest guy friend before I got married used to say my entire family was into the "scatalogical" ;)

He loves me. Like He REALLY REALLY loves me. He wants to make me happy in anything that will not harm me or our marriage. If I wasn't "into" this lifestyle - he wouldn't do any of it. He is not a naturally bossy or take charge kind of person, but he has cultivated these parts of himself in order to be the best husband for ME. :)

He is cute. He isn't a 25inch waist, he can't life 500lbs, he isn't the tallest guy God ever made. But he is ADORABLE!!! I love his butt. I seriously just could squeeze and play with his butt all days. I also love his man boobs. *grin* They are actually pretty small as far as man boobs go, but if he didn't have any I'd be very sad. I am literally getting wet just typing about them. Imagining stroking his nipples - mmmm :D

He is encouraging- he doesn't like to tear me down. He loves to build me up. He loves to tell me things about myself that he loves or appreciates. When he says negative stuff it's almost always for my betterment and RARELY in the middle of a fight after I have slung a lot of insults at him. But overall he is very encouraging.

He is honest. He doesn't lie to me and I really really really value that.

He is faithful. And I don't just mean he doesn't kiss or have sex with other women, when we are out and we see a hot girl he appreciates her, but he WANTS me. Like... he genuinely feels proud (most of the time) when we walk into a restaurnat or store or club that he has ME. I don't get it, but he truly makes me feel like the only woman for him. :D

I think that's enough for now... :D