Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why are relationships so hard??

Why is it that sex is SO hard for us?? Like we just have such a different way of thinking about it and of approaching it.

Why is he such a dingbat? Is there any girl in the whole world who likes her breasts smacked/nipples hit?? There probably is since last time I asked the question "does any woman like" I got a lot of people saying "YES!"

Why does he insist on doing things to me to try to "give me pleasure" THAT I DONT LIKE!?! You'd think after 3.5 years he'd get the memo that I DONT LIKE BEING TOUCHED DOWN THERE!!! I allow it because he loves it so and yes, it does help lube me up a little, but i don't like it. I don't enjoy it. And that should be enough.

I know I am like one of 5 women in the whole world who hates foreplay, but I really don't like foreplay. And when I do it for him, I expect the intercourse to be so fast we barely knew we had it. My perfect sex would be 5 minutes from the door to my buzz. :-p


  1. Well, for one. YES, I love having my breasts and nipples smacked around. Like, a lot. Tons. I will beg for it if I have to. I have orgasmed from it.

    For the rest... perhaps, you guys would benefit from exploring each other a little? I'm not even sure what you all define as "foreplay," as it's ALL sex to me... but, fingertips and tongues and legs and spankings and oh, so much lovely things that don't involve penetration or even "down there."

    Find what works for you (which right now, is apparently not breast slapping) - but ideally, a little more time to connect with each other would be better than 5 minute sex to vibrator. :)

    1. I like a little pain there, but not in a punishment way. My boobs are my only part of my body I LOVE!!

      Yeah... we're gonna work on it. Thanks so much for your comment and care!! *HUG*

  2. You shud make a day of it.

    Explore young lady day.

    He can touch u in some places in different ways n u gv him a rating 1-5

    Could b fun.

    1. BLECH!!!!! But I'll do it for him. :-p

      BTW, He said I did the best job at blowing him tonight that I've ever done. You inspire me!! :S