Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Response to my Negative Post

My Man took it upon himself to spank more for the negative post. And to add insult to injury he made me say I was beautiful over and over and over and over and slapped my butt everytime I got it right and smacked my thighs and hips everytime I said something wrong. :-p

He is allowed to believe I am beautiful. He wouldn't be a good husband if he didn't think I was attractive to him. But... I am not. I have never been very pretty and the older and heavier I get the less it gets. He'll read this and say I obviously didn't learn my lesson... I learned what he wants to hear. :-p


  1. I dont know why weight n size are linked to attractive. I actually know women who are larger but so well put together that they look much better than the size 0s next to them who happen to b slim but dishevelled/lazy/complacent.

    See a pattern? Dress better in clothes that fit.
    Do ur hair up.
    Wear a clean face. Or some make up.
    And make sure u smell nice.

    Thats all u need

  2. So in other words dress, act, speak as the hot sexy beast I know I am? ;-)