Monday, December 3, 2012

Question for the guys out there (Bas? ;-))

Do you care what your lady eats?? Would you be upset if she was at 300 calories by 8pm?

I feel fine...

(well, i did until he spanked me a lot and now i'm eating dinner. buzzard.)


  1. Yes, I care what she eats. Or rather, I care about her general well-being. If this was a one-time thing? No big deal. If it's the third time this week? I'd be concerned for sure, and probably asking her if she's stressed or if something is bothering her, and I'd likely be making meals for her to make sure she eats. After that, is this was a regular thing that happened often? Yes, I'd be very upset with her.

    1. My Man approved of your answer. I say this is a one day thing, he says it's a pattern because it's been a struggle on and off in my life and i have a minimum and maximum for this diet and he wants to help me succeed and be healthy. **Sigh** Thanks for replying, btw!! I didn't think anyone except Bas read here :) I mean any HOH :)

  2. My "H" would seriously spank me for that. In fact... I'm not allowed to go under a certain amount of calories a day because of my recovery from an ED.

    I have however joined myfitnesspal and been keeping track of what I eat...
    BUT -
    Don't listen to the recovered Girl - just know that Her Husband would be VERY upset and she'd probably not sit well that evening.

    It's not good to go that low unless you are sick or something. Sure you feel fine.. I felt fine for years... you just don't know what it's doing to the insides of your body - mainly your heart.

    I couldn't hardly walk or jog at one point because my heart would race so badly.
    I also lost teeth over it.

    Maybe I'll make a post one day to remind myself NOT to get caught up again in my ED.

    Trust me.. you don't want to go there.

    (((hugs))) take care of yourself.

    1. I was bulimnic in my late teens, so I get that.

      And I do have a minimum and a maximum. I tend to be a binger, like I lost the purging, but I still have a binge mentality I guess. So he is trying to help me. it's a LOT easier for me to just not eat all day and then eat like 3000 calories at night. Not at ALL healthy, but easier for me. :-p

    2. and I should probably note - he DID spank me a lot - it still is not fun to sit, but it wasn't because I had so little calories as much as he had told me 4 times today to go eat something substantial and I just never got around to it and at the end threw away the food he told me to buy and eat. **blush** I really didn't wanna eat it though. :(

  3. That's too few calories for anyone to be healthy . You need to eat at least 1200 calories to keep your body's metabolism going. Otherwise it thinks you are in a starvation situation and it will prevent any weight loss.

    1. see, what did i say about metabolism?

      *self-righteous smirk on face*

    2. Mrs. SB - You are correct about the calories! I think that over a long period of time that is 100% true, and I know that in reality I should be striving for my goals (1500min - 2000 max) every day, but in DidiLand a few days of super low calories to kickstart my weightloss feels right, and makes me feel powerful. :-p

    3. Fondles- **smacks your self-righteous gloating face HARD**

      *ahem* Now that I have digitally abused you I will tell you that I saw these replies on my phone before I got up this morning, but I chose to empty/load the dishwasher, clean the counters, and scrub the sink before replying. I am a moderately good girl. ;-)

  4. Dear Young Lady,
    I'm shocked. How can you ask. You should be thoroughly paddled just for asking!
    Caring about his wife is the core business of every self respecting man, but for a man who dares to call himself a HoH, caring for his wife is the same as breathing.
    Mr Woods is completely right. My Lisa has reserves. When she has a valid reason and should not eat for an entire day I would not worry about her health. But I would still care!
    I can guarantee you that a silly wish to lose weight is NOT a valid reason. Maybe undergoing surgery would be. I would make a mental note of the calories she missed and I would make damn sure that she gets them extra the next day.
    No taking risks with my Lisa's health!
    Oh, and if this should be about weight loss, Mrs Soft Bottom is completely right. Starving your body is the worst thing you can do.
    Glad to hear that you are already spanked, but maybe he must add some more.
    Love you,

    1. Dear Bas,

      Thank you kind sir for replying to my post. *grin* I had hoped that naming you directly in my subject line would peak your interest. :-)

      I guess all of you HoH types have your fingers in every part of your lady's life...bossy bossy bossy.... ;-)

      Well, I will admit I was more harshly spanked for the disobedience rather than the lack of calories, but the disobedience was because I wanted the lack of calories, so in a circular way I was chastised for the event. I still have stripes to prove it. :-p

      And, My Man is very gracious and loving. If I had the flu or some actual reason he wouldn't be harsh with me at all - it is because I am perfectly fine, trying to diet, and he wants to take care of me. I know this. And I even like it, but my "defiant brat" want's to tell him to "F Off!" even though if he did I would be very sad and miss him and his care. :)

      Love and hugs,