Sunday, December 2, 2012

From Her Man

Hello, This is Her Man,

It would seem that the time has come for me to post here on my Young Lady's blog. First, I want to express gratitude to the ladies who read this blog. This whole exercise in creative writing has been a wonderful thing for Young Lady, and I am grateful for all of your encouragements. This has proven very cathartic for her, and I intend for her to continue posting regularly, (even if she does use this space as a place to bash me - she needs a consequence-free place to vent, I certainly don't allow this behavior offline :).

I would like to note that, due to major stresses at work, and (to be perfectly honest), my own failings as a Dom/HOH/Husband, I haven't been giving Young Lady the attention she deserves. The rules have been inconsistent, depending on how tired I am, and everything has been out of flux. As a result, our relationship, our communication, and our sex life, have suffered. Young Lady needs consistency to feel cared for, and she's been acting out a lot as a result. Well, that stops today. We tried to have sex, had a fight instead, the hurt feelings lasted through dinner all the way home. In the end, Young Lady tried to hurt herself with a pencil - something I will not tolerate. As we were talking through her behavior and why she was struggling, she repeatedly told me that I "don't care about her." As we talked, I realized that my lack of consistency in requirements and punishments seems to be a primary reason why she doesn't feel cared for. So we were in the living room, her resting on her stomach, and me sitting down, pinning her legs. I had me plastic switch (from an old venetian blind), and we spent a great deal of time with me applying it to her backside to show her how much I cared. I fully expect to see welts tomorrow, and even the next day.

We ended the time with more talking, and a recommitment to our relationship, then really good sex :). I promised to be more consistent in my expectations and punishments, she promised to be more obedient and respectful. I would like her to wear a new collar to show renewed commitment, but she is incredibly attached to her current one (my old wallet chain from high school), and I don't have the heart make her change (I'm a softie).

I promised her I would post this story, because she has been begging me to make an appearance on the blog. I don't intend to be here often, because this is suppose to be a place for her to tell her side of the story (regardless of its bearing on reality).

But there it is.

My Best to everyone,
Her Man


  1. Hahaha...


    *ahem* First off what I have to say is ALWAYS true!! "regardless of it's bearing on reality" :-p I write it the way I see it! ;-)

    I am surprised at how similar our two accounts are - apparently I do an okay job at reality. ;-)


  2. Hello! That was a nice n honest account! Claps!

    I love it when BIKSS gives me positive reinforcement too, not just negative attention (yuck).

    I rather get rewards for continuing to b good- like DONUTS! And a new toy.

    Or an announcement that he's gonna gv me a big hug for (---------- insert good thing i did here----)

    Or when he turns me to him n cups my face n says to me i was a good girl. I just melt.

    N i think u shouldn't be a softie cos young lady keeps telling me she's testing you! Make her wear a new collar if thats what u want- but u two both go n pik one out so she has a voice n u can be sure of her commitment to it too.

    1. Hey!! You're supposed to be on MY team!! :-p ;-) Not telling him to be more strict :-p

      I like negative attention better because it's more exciting, but I do like positive too...

      And I agree about the collar thing... if I have a say in which one I am more likely to wear it. I just love what I have right now and don't wanna change. Everytime we go to change I start to tear up.

  3. Hi Young ladies Man,
    Not only ladies are reading this and cheering her on.
    I think it takes some getting used to the fact that a lot of our ladies are angry when you spank them, but are a lot angrier when you don't spank them, because then you are obviously not interested in them.
    Consistency is the hardest thing ever invented.

    1. Oh dear dear Bas, that's so true.

      Its all abt consistency!