Sunday, November 18, 2012

50 Positives Take 2

DISCLAIMER: I Dont do any of these things perfectly and would prefer not to be saying a lot of them because I feel like a failure in so many ways.

1. I have amazing boobs.

2. I have wonderful long hair.

3. I have beautiful eyes.

4. I am a very confident karaoke singer.

5. I love to sing and dance during worship at church - even though no one else does and I know I look stupid I do it anyways because I love Jesus.

6. I love kids and am very good at planning things to do with them.

7. I am good at making preteen girls feel at ease and able to take to me about their lives.

8. I am good at making people laugh.

9. I am good at making friends.

10. I really care about people and try really hard to love on people that I know are hurting.

11. I am good at making meals for my family.

12. I am considerate and love to make foods, give gifts, and say things to people that will encourage them and make them feel special and loved.

13. I am sensitive to the needs and emotions of others.

14. I am incredibly good at Texas Hold 'Em. I have only lost to My Man once. :D

15. I'm an avid reader. I LOVE to read and can't wait to pass that on to my kids!

16. I already am encouraging The Girls I watch to read every chance I can. I already introduced them to books on CD and we are starting my 2 favorite books from 4th grade next week!

17. I am a good writer (when I put my mind to it :))

18. I am clever at making up rhyme, poems, and songs.

19. I love to pray for people.

20. I make kids feel like the are special and important. I treat them like adults who are worthy of my respect and attention.

21. I am able to rejoice with people even when I am jealous. (Like I get SO excited when someone gets pregnant even though it kills me inside)

22. I am good at Dragon Age. ;-)

23. I am a good sister.

24. I am a good friend.

25. I am a good wife.

26. I am a squirter. (hasn't happened in like 2 years, but when I have an amazing orgasm I squirt... my body just decided to start limiting the O's :-( )

27. I am an advocate for abused children, abused wives, and people who grew up in the "fundamentalist quiverfull environment" (there are a LOT of caveats to this one, but I'm having a hard time reaching 50 :-p)

28. I give amazing hugs.

29. I have a pretty high pain tolerance when I want to.

30. I trust My Man enough to never watch on shows or movies when a doctor is cutting someone open or there is any type of "slicing of skin" because I know that it will tempt me and he has told me to close my eyes. And I do. Every. Single. Time.

31. I am very outgoing.

32. I am very exuberant.

33. I have a child-like excitement that is contagious and makes others want to get excited with me.

34. I am a brat. (hey, "positive is in the eye of the beholder and I behold this as amazing.)

35. I am good at praising My Man to other people, to making him look big, strong, and in charge.

36. I am an exhibitionist. (again positive to me ;))

37. I kick ass at scrabble.

38. I have a deep love and passion for music.

39. I am very generous.

40. I am super friendly.

41. I have a very responsive "guilt gut", like if a person (guy or girl) even approaches dominant I am immediately responsive. :)

42. I am a people pleaser. I REALLY want to make people happy!

43. I am very affectionate. If I love you, then you know it. :)

44. I love food. If you feed me something yummy you will hear about it for weeks how much I loved it:)

45. I am a very grateful person.

46. I am very honest. It's REALLY hard for me to lie, and I tend to "word vomit" and overshare rather than try to hide anything. (although when I do try to lie it's pretty comical)

47. I love My Man despite how flawed he is. ;-) (I might do 51 in case this one doesnt count)

48. I am very feminine and try to dress sexy/girly as much as possible.

49. I am good at writing budgets. (suck at following, good at writing :))

50. I plan awesome vacations!

51. I am cute.

Some pics of me I feel slightly positive about...

This one makes us laugh everytime - it's My Man telling me he is going to "spank me cherry red tonight in the hotel" at our wedding :D


  1. Cute photos! :) And I think you did pretty well coming up with 50 - I don't know that I could do the same. Excellent!

    1. Thanks so much!!! The threat of "stripes" was a good motivator. ;-)

  2. *clap clap clap*
    Well done!!!!
    Now No More trash-talkin' yourself hear? You're gorgeous. N i have size A cups. When i shopped in the US last time i was there the lady asked why i even bothered with a bra ;(

    1. Thank you! *takes a bow*

      Yes ma'am. :-p

      Thank you. :-]

      That is SO mean!!! I am sorry. I am also sorry that I have made similar insensitive remarks to people - my sis was a "barely b" before having kids and I always wondered why she even wore one since they didn't move. But, I didn't mean it to be mean. :-p ;-) But it's funny... I have always had a wide flat butt, but big boobs. And she has always had small boobs, and a very round perky butt. I married a man who LOVES boobs, and has only in recent times been fascinated by butts...or rather MY butt. And she married a man who LOVES butts, but could careless about larger titties... kinda cool. :)

    2. oh yeah, well, i have been told i have a perky butt. maybe that was 10 yrs ago, but it's still not half bad i think. and BIKSS likes butts :)

      funny story - up to the age of 16 i hated my sticky-outty-butt. i wouldn't wear pants cos they'd be so obvious. strange me.