Monday, November 26, 2012

Am I the only one...

who upon hearing a "crazy threat" must try it out?

Example - Yesterday as we were  getting ready to meet some new friends for dinner and a movie, My Man notes that I have been rather cheeky all day. He grabs me and tells me "I will not put up with this when we are with the Smiths. If you are disrespectful when we are with them I will drag you to a bathroom and spank you with my belt."

Ok, first off, I am an exhibitionist at heart - As long as there are no minors or relatives...or certain church people around I "get off" on him exerting dominance towards me in public. So, he knows when the words leave his mouth my entire being is going to perk up.

Secondly, he has yet to follow through on a threat like this. Therefore, I must test him everytime.

I also made sure the new James Bond movie was juuuust starting, previews had ended, I timed it perfectly. And he totally ignored me. Actually he made an amazing blunder of whispering to me "Punch me again, Young Lady." So I did. Repeatedly.


I never said I was not a brat. ;-)

And when I asked him later why he never follows through in those situations, or more to the point why he makes me crazy by making threats I know he won't carry out, he couldn't come up with much beyond "It's was JAMES BOND!" ;-)

Now to be totally honest... I love making him look good in front of couples from church, and I like looking like the submissive wifey that I want to be (and want them to think that I am ;-)), so I DID wait 'til it was dark to start acting up.

Maybe I am nuts. Maybe no one else is intrigued by threats like this...

NOTE: He DID almost drag me to the bathroom BEFORE the couple got to the restaurant we were at, but I begged and promised to be good. And I WAS very good through the rest of dinner. :)


  1. Unsubmissive indeed! ;)

    Not to get all clucky-tongued on you, but you do know that playing games this way will make it harder to develop submission right?

    A domme friend once told me that she never gives warnings because then it gives the sub the illusion that the consequences are her choice.

    1. Lol!! (:-]

      See... I wouldn't test them if he didn't make threats I know he isn't going to do. Like, if he is settled into bed at night - he isn't going to jump out of bed just 'cause I stick my tongue out at him. Or if we are with company he isn't ACTUALLY going to take me in another room and spank me. I mean, he will if I push and push and push and push... but the standards change when the situation changes. My answer is for him to not make such tantalizing threats - I WANT to be dragged to the bathroom, spanked, and then brought back... if only to see if the other couple has any idea. ;-)

      He did take me into a Taco Bell bathroom 2 weeks ago and then we rushed out the door in case it was ACTUALLY as loud as I had thought. And I posted earlier in the summer that we utilized a family restroom at the mall. ;-) He is very good to me, I just get frustrated when he makes a threat that I know is A: going to be near impossible for him to stick to. B: is going to hurt him WAY more than it hurts me and that is why A is true. ;-) I always give him a chance to back down once he issues his declaration "Honey... Really?? In public? Around our friends?" "Yes. I said it. I meant it." "Okay... Promise?? *wiggles eyebrows*" ;-)

    2. FYI - the public thing still excites me, it's in my turns on/fantasies, but around people that i know heightens it greatly, and we haven't had this occur yet. :)

      (I am sorely tempted to turn off the comments being sent to him on this topic just 'cause I am having to force myself to talk freely even though he is "listening", but I will leave them on. :-p)

  2. You were lucky this time, but someday he just might make good his threat, then the whole restaurant will hear you being spanked.

    Ooh! That's a lovely fantasy!


    1. For REAL?? Oh my goodness!!! ;-) He insists no one can hear, even though *I* think every "SMACK" resounds through the whole building. ;-) I am as quiet as possible in public situations which can be very difficult. :)

      I know right???? ;-)

      I will also note that, while in my HEAD I want the publicness when it actually happens I am ALWAYS embarrassed and begging him to be quiet or cut it short or something. Even now retyping it my face is bright red. :-p

  3. Yeah, er, i agree with ana. how on earth are you supposed to be feeling submissive if you keep testing the man?


    1. There are times for submissiveness and times for making sure he will do what he says. And if I get another fantasy fulfilled so be it. ;-) ;-) ;-)