Friday, November 16, 2012

My Man just told me I need to find my InnerDom;-)

One of the little girls that I nanny for does NOT listen to me. I will tell her not to do something and she will look at me and do it again. Or do it as many times as she can before I can get to her and physically make her stop.

I cannot seem to discipline her. (time out. taking away stuff, nothing physical :)) I don't know why. I can discipline the other kids I watch.

The two reasons I don't are

1. Because I am so ANGRY with her I am scared that I am being unfair. My Man says it's not unfair to put her in time out because she blatantly looked me in the face and disobeyed...even though I am angry. :)

2. Because I want to extend grace to her. I hate legalism and "perfectionism". I don't want to "bring down the hammer" for everything wrong she does.

But it's getting worse and worse and her mom keeps telling me she needs to be given a consequence everytime or she won't believe I will be consistent and she will just run all over me.

Reminds me of me. :-p


  1. Maybe that is why she makes you so angry... we often can't stomach the things we see in others that remind us of ourselves.

    You know - you don't have to get along with every kid in the world. You just don't.

    1. i couldn't if i tried. i have kids i teach whose necks i just want to wring. yet if i were to be honest, i've let some of the others get away with worse transgressions. maybe it's cos it's accumulated? repeated infractions?

    2. I have heard that a lot - that the kids you have the hardest time with are the ones that have the similar behavior. *lol*

      Here's the thing is that I do love her, and when she is not being bad she is very sweet and affectionate. I just feel so at a loss to discipline. :-p

      Fondles - I think that hits it on the head. I think I have let it build up so much that I feel like if I punish her for K then I am going to be tempted to add A-J in there too just to "get back at her". I also, am afraid she won't GO into time out or will start yelling at me and I'll cause a scene. *sigh* I don't have this problem with other kids... at least I don't think I do. ;-p

      Thanks for replying ladies!!! It helps me feel less alone. :)