Saturday, November 10, 2012

I am so pissed right now I can barely breath...

How do good days and good intentions go so bad??

I just wanna spit on him and then go to sleep.



  1. Good question.
    When you find the answer, please let us know.
    We are all suffering from this thing regularly.

    1. Haha, Thanks Bas!

      I feel like for us it was a combination of lack of sleep and bad communication. We went to sleep with my head on his chest (well we did this until right before I was going to sleep I can't sleep that way ;-)), so I think we had pretty much made up. :)

      What had happened in a short version was that he told me earlier in the day he was exausted and didn't wanna have sex that night. Then in the night gave me a fun spanking (one I like - yay!), then played with me "down there", I asked if I could buzz (thinking he still didn't wanna have sex, and thinking I was giving him the chance to say "I want to have sex.") He said sure and I started to buzz... *I* thought I was giving the signal "I am turning it off for a second to give myself a chance to rest between spasms" and he read it as "She is taking a break it's a good time to rip the vibrator out of her hands and encourage her to play with my penis." **enter not impressed face** It just went downhill from there ending with a long conversation where I felt like he was being a whiny baby and he felt like I was being a selfish bitch. I think today will be better... at least I hope so. :)

  2. Probably not the best idea. (Unless spitting is in your kink? :))

    But yeah, I know what you mean.

    1. Haha, Kitty! I agree. There was a reason I posted here instead of acting it out... and said I WANT to not I am GOING to. ;-)There have been 2 times in our relationship where I actually spit on him (and many times when the gleam was in my eyes...until I saw the gleam in HIS eyes :)) and both times ended sadly for me. :-p

      Thanks so much for visiting!!