Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am taking Dumb Quizzes

and only posting the least of the dumb! 

What can I say? I'm bored! ;-) (Yes there are chores to be done, but I am sick and tired. :-p)

Oh I'm So Surprised... *my NOT shocked face* -
You Scored as Brat SpankoYou would try the patience of a saint, and you probably already have. For you, flirting, teasing, and mouthing off are all well traveled roads to a good spanking. You no doubt deserve one right now. 
Although I was only 1 point away from - 
You Scored as Discipline Spanko
Spanking for you is no laughing matter. It's an effective means of maintaining order and decorum. A sore bottom is a small price to pay for a valuable lesson

I am sharing this one because I laughed outloud several times at the ridiculousness of it ;-)
You deserve to be spanked... because you're a liberal and it's all a right wing conspiracy! No? Did the quiz get that wrong? Well, the quiz is SURE that you deserve to be spanked because you think you can talk your way OUT of being spanked!

There were others that were pretty dumb. The last one I was gonna share just 'cause it made me laugh (obviously a horny teenage boys or just a single guy who still lives in his mama's basement), but my computer sent to Rogue's blog when I clicked on "See Results" so I took it as a sign ;)

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