Friday, November 9, 2012

I should win the sucky blogger of the year award...

I AM SORRY I HAVE NOT POSTED IN SO LONG!!! I should be spanked soundly. ;-)

I don't even have any legitimate excuses, and the weak ones I have are that I know I am not very good at blogging and don't have much interesting to say, so I didn't write much. And that not that much new has gone on in my life. And that I would much much rather read awesome people like Hermione ( and Christina ( :) I enjoy reading other people's experiences because I feel like it helps me to be a better wife and gives me and My Man tips and pointers for our own journey. :)

Thank you Ms. Hermione for the suggestion about the "subscribe button"!!! Oh my goodness what a simple fix and it worked so well!!! I don't know why it didn't work when that is where I wanted it!! :) THANK YOU!!!

I am going to write an actual update in a new post - hopefully today, maybe even this morning. My teenage sister has been staying here this week, and I can't write when she is up. **halo**


  1. hey, don't worry, you'll write when there's something to write about. we'll be here...

  2. Heh, young lady, no name calling to my blogging family members!
    A blogger blogs when there is something to blog about.
    And all of us read, when there is something to read, so that is a perfect fit.
    Now about that sound spanking: maybe you should consult your Man.

    Happy LOL day!