Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ode To My Man

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had no one strong to guide her
She'd do what she liked, to the detriment of all, and no one would dare to chide her
Until one bright day, a man came along, with courage, and strength, and wit
He looked in her eyes, held her pretty hands, and told her so gently to sit
She complied with the grace of a dove, for she wanted the man's attention
She had no desire to scare the guy off, for her loneliness did I e'er mention
She figured she'd try to be oh so good, so the gentleman would not leave her
She had no idea of the depths of her will and did not so fully beware
The goodness lasted for the first several hours and then her real self appeared
She was rude, and nasty, obstinate yes, and her defiance she loudly cheered
But, the man was ready for all that he saw, for he'd been watching awhile
He let her rant and rave all she liked, and took it all in with a smile
When she grew weary, he took her in his lap, and told her how things would be
He said "My dear, I care for you lots, so now you'll listen to me.
First thing to go are the sharp things in your room, you'll give them over to me
When you grow sad and start to despair, I'll hold you and comfort you see
Next on my list is that dreadful tongue, I see we'll have to restrain it
I'll help you to learn some new nicer words, and slowly we'll start to retrain it
I have boundless patience and oh so much love, so I'm in for this long haul
When you feel little and terribly weak, I'll stand so strong and tall."
The girl took it all in, for she knew was right, and she wanted to give her consent
But, one little thing still nagged at her mind, the secret she still hadn't vent
"I need someone one who can, how do I say this? Take me over his knee?"
She trambled as she spoke, for she'd never shared, her secret so easily
The gentleman beamed as she shared her woes, for this didn't surprise him so much
He'd already had the desire to redden her cheeks, and he didn't mean blush
And so their journey started, I'll leave the details for the later
But after Jesus, she now knew, This Man was her earthly savior.

Ok, so I know it has a LOT of flaws, but it made me happy to right it!! I am so grateful for all the My Man has put up with, and WILL put up with. And it made me happy to write a poem again. :D


  1. oh darling that was so beautiful. i mean it!! loved it!

    1. Thanks, dear!! :-D I had so much fun writing it...