Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I was just trying to be helpful...

So, I have been "cruising" all night - some times I don't need to feel it for weeks and others I feel this constant need. My period has "started and stopped" twice in the last few days, so I think it's mostly pms? But anyways, after making some smart comment about how he was a "mean hubby and only ever offers bad spankings" he got the "hint" and "decided all on his own" I needed a spanking.

Well, I've been reading Hermione's blog a lot tonight and she talks a lot about "warm ups", so earlier today I commented to My Man that I think the reason we go from zero to sixty is because he never warms me up anymore he just starts beating.

So, I got this amazing idea that if he just started in I was gonna remind him.

It went like this...

He comes up behind me as I am reading blogs and grabs me hair and PULLS

I start to play dumb "What? Why? Where are we going?"

He leads me over to the coffeetable *side note just last night I pointed out to him we could do over the knee on there and it worked PERFECTLY* and throws me over his lap..

*WHAP WHAP* (medium hard)

I pipe up "Have you ever heard of a WARM UP?"

He stops stunned and says (trying REALLY hard not to laugh I can tell) "Oh is THAT  how you wanna play it tonight??"

Let's just say I am sitting on a lot of soft things and still squirming.

I love My Man. :D <<<< Cheeky Grin


  1. And again, you get what you ask for. Including warm up.

    1. I didn't get any warmup!!! *laughing*

      And he says there are no marks whatsoever today, but I can barely's like the muscles from my hip to the middle of my butt are hurting. :-p

  2. The warm-up makes SUCH a difference between OUCH and MMMmmmmMMmMMMmmmmm...

    1. I AGREE!! I think he was going for Ouch after my comment though... **halo**