Sunday, November 25, 2012

Temptation is VERY strong....

My Man is a VERY hard worker. He left the house before I woke up yesterday and came home after I was asleep. So, he is asleep now and I am awake. And I really really really really really really want to go in and wake him up!

But, I am not going to because I love him and I want him to get lots of rest and relaxation. I am grateful he is off today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. Even though I have to work it means the maximum amount of time seeing him. And he will clean. The cleaning is WAY below spending time with him and him getting to rest - I PROMISE! But, it is a nice thought. ;-)

So, this is me actively NOT waking him up.

For Real.

At least until after 11am.  (1.5 hours away)

I do feel sick though. Maybe I should wake him up so he can tell me it's ok.


No. No. No.

I am letting him sleep.

1 comment:

  1. Went in at 11:20 and he said he deserves sleep, so i shall go in again at 1.

    I love my snuggly little sleepy bug.