Tuesday, November 13, 2012


1. I wish sex were easier. Some days it's amazing - it seems like most days it's fine, but then My Man and I will get into this rut where it seems like everytime we have sex or try to have sex something goes wrong. I hate that. Last night was one of those times. It seems like everything he was doing was "wrong", and I would say "Please don't spank me right now", "Please don't try to buzz me right now." etc, but... he really thought it would help so he continued to do those things which in turn frustrated me and made me want to shut down and just "get through" it. Which of course makes me him sad, mad, and frustrated and... yeah... it never ends well. It probably didn't help that my sleeping meds had already kicked in which makes me significantly less responsive. *le sigh* He is off tomorrow, so maybe we can try again then. I am guessing tonight will be a bust since he has been up since 5am and works an 11 hour shift.

2. Our house. Wow... My Man's biggest complaint and most often request is the state of our house. It's dirty, it's messy, it's cluttered, and it's mostly my fault. I do try, but not hard enough, and he could try harder, but we're both tired...and lazy. Well, yesterday our building was being sprayed for roaches and the roach guys reported our apartment as "poor condition" to the main office, so we got a notice saying we need to clean. I think they think we are the source of the roaches. We very well may be. It's INCREDIBLY embarrassing and humbling, but also doesn't help my feelings of being overwhelmed. I know it's a disaster, he knows it's a disaster, but we just can't seem to stay on top of it. :(

3. Funny sayings - so, I nanny/babysit for 4 girls after school L(9), B(6), A(6), M(6), they are from 3 different families, not triplets. :) Over the past month here are a few of the indicators that My Man and I must not be hiding our "way of life" too well (all from L pretty much)

L:Ms. Lady, you always act like Mr. Man is your boss.
Me: Well, he kinda is *go into an explanation*

A week or so later
Me: Do you girls want me to buy you xyz?
L: Did you ask Mr. Man? Hmm? You're not allowed to spend money you know.

Recently we were at the mall and one of those guys at the kiosks was trying to get me to spend $150 on a new hair straightener. I kept trying to tell him "I really can't." and used the excuse "My husband would kill me."
B looks worried, "Would he really kill you?"

Me "No of course not honey! But, I am not allowed to spend money like that."

L - Yeah, she'd be in trouuuuble... Mr. Man would punish her.

*laugh* I wonder what they relate home to their parents. Her mom seems to think we have an amazing marriage and my husband is the sweetest and best (which she should think because he is.)

The funniest part to me is the OTHER girls, A and M are cousins and both have single moms - well, A is VERY "women's lib" and anytime she hears make any comment about "listening to Mr. Man" she is like "Ms. Lady- you're a grown woman!! Make your own choices!!" *laugh*


  1. 1. I often feel like that if I am tired. I get hypersensitive and every little touch just feels irritating. I don't know what I am meant to do: stop or carry on. Maybe carrying on is "being submissive". Maybe not saying.how you really feel "isn't submissive". Catch 22.

    2. Pull together, do a big clean up and then have a Rota.

    3. Not all parents would be okay with you explaining the dynamics of your alternative relationship to their kids. But they sound like fab kids.I like kids with some savvy.

    1. 1. I know, right?? lol!!

      2. What is Rota??

      3. I haven't explained anything to them other than things like why I didn't have a credit card to buy them stuff was because I was spending too much (or losing them) and "Mr. Man" was holding onto them until I was more responsible. :) But, almost everything I tell them would have been true PRE-"lifestyle changes". They are Christians too, so it's easier to say "The Bible says..." :)

    2. Lol. Rota is ike a schedule. so who does what, when.

    3. oooh, yeah. He told me last night as I was going to sleep that he is going to make a chore chart and we are actually going to do it :)

  2. If I didn't get some kind of help around my house I'd be living in one of those TV shows where the stuff is all piled up I swear!!

    I'm sort of a neat freak, but my kids I swear are hoarders, and now that we have 4 kids (I just had twins) things really seem to get out of hand fast!
    I completely freak out if I cant get the house in order, so a chore chart is PERFECT!

    My "H" actually helps out a lot, He knows I get in a bitter and crappy mood when the house is upside down. I also seem to get spanked more when I'm that crabby.. O_o

    1. Emi - so it's in both of y'all's best interest for him to help out? ;-) He gets really moody when it's dirty for too long and I get lethargic and... yeah... cleanliness is so nice. :) I grew up in a house where it was common for there to be toys and trash and dishes like ankle deep in every room in the house, so it's hard for me to stay on top of it. :-p