Thursday, November 15, 2012

I WAS invited I promise...

I rarely check my hisunsubmissiveyounglady gmail address, but today when I logged in there was an email inviting me to a blog t1klish? When I clicked on the invite it said I don't have one and when I typed in the bloggers ID it said I am not invited. *pout* I am I promise!!!

If you are this blogger I didn't spurn your invitation on purpose!!


  1. Hm t1klish invited me too and for a little while i could access her blog. But i cant again now...

    1. Weird... Maybe they closed their blog. I know Kitty did. (not the kitty who has replied on here recently :))

    2. Woops Didn't finish my thought - I mean when Kitty stopped blogging it just showed up as I was not invited anymore.