Monday, November 19, 2012

The best of intentions...

So, I wrote letters to all of the girls that I nanny today, telling them each things I love about them and am grateful for. And, also telling them areas that need improvement. "Harder Child" had it spelled out clearly in hers that if she disobeys she will get a consequence.

We went to a fast food playplace, I spelled out the rules, and they had a great time. When it came time to leave however "Harder child" decided not to come, I warned her, she still delayed, and when she finally DID come she said "I was having too much fun", so I told her she'd be in a time out when we got to our next destination. Another mom in the room who had been chatting with me told me after "HC" was getting ready that she thought I had an amazing attitude, but that she thought I was TOO patient (I've never heard that before with relating to this child :-p), but that she applauded me giving a consequence. HC proceeded to tell me all of the reasons why she didnt care that she would have a time out, and why the activity she might miss part of was boring, and an assortment of other things. I offered to lengthen her time out - she declined. ;-)

Well, the next activity was a special "story/craft/meet a farm animal" time at the local library. We were a couple minutes late and the librarian told me they really needed to start and couldn't let kids in after the time limit, so I made a split decision and told HC that because of that she could go to the activity on time, but will have a time out after.

I am SO glad I did because I found out it is a drop off event and I now have an hour to myself child free!! WOOT! ;-)


  1. ETA - I am achieving a new appreciation for My Man and dealing with my defiant attitude at times. ;)

  2. Looking at children is sometimes like looking in a mirror.

    1. so true!! :)

      My Man says the reason she gets to me so much is because she is just like me!! :)

      Although, I will say she surrenders to the consequences much better than I do. :)