Sunday, November 18, 2012

50 Positives

Alright I promised 50 Positive Things, and even though she is at work this is dedicated to Fondles :D
(thanks for helping keep me sane dear :) Luke 'N' Rita are waiting for you ;-))

I am going to type 50 positive things about me that I know are TRUE.

1. My Man loves me. No matter how emotional or fat I am he loves me and is attracted to me.

2. God loves me. He sent His only son to die for me because HE thinks I'm worth it. He created me with the body and temperament that I have and HE loves me.

3. I am not crazy I am just experiencing stupid hormones. Thanks Eve.

4. I am good at cooking and making My Man feel cared for when it comes to food. (I am an absolute fuck up when it comes to caring for our house, but for My Man I am good at it. ;))

5. I have beautiful hair. (when it's brushed. Right now I've spent an hour trying to undo a waist length rats nest - I am never doing curls with hairspray again :))

(at this point I gave up and My Man said I needed to continue, so he gave me the next few - I don't think these are true, but he says I have to put them)
6. I have amazing boobs. (ok this is pretty true - I love my 42 DDs :D)

7. I can make friends anywhere.

8. I am good with children (except for the little girl who I cannot make obey by my sheer will :-p)

9. I love to sing worship songs.

ok, it's be on me now...

10. I am good at making rhymes.

11. I snore very well.

12. I am good at squashing people with my weight.

13. I am excellent at watching tv.


Alright. I am gonna have to try this one again. Apparently he has decided (notice it is "he" now, he doesnt get a "My Man" that it has to be 50, it has to complimentary AND true (so he loves me and God loves me while true are not nice things about me, and he says I suck a squashing people and snoring and tv are not complimentary :-p)

OH! And for everyone that doesn't meet that criteria (or if I dont make it to 50) I get a stripe for each one. I LIKE getting spanked/paddled - I HATE getting "stripes" GRRRR!! I am never coming up with a good idea again)

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