Sunday, November 11, 2012


Between his lack of sleep (therefore not getting up early enough to do anything this morning), my bronchial infection, both of us' exaustion, and the myriad of bruises my backside and thighs have already accumulated My Man decided tonight that he will still take the "my money" check, but I do not have to be spanked.

Praise The Lord, and thank you Hubby. :)


  1. well, saved by the infection, i say. cheers.

    1. I agree... this morning I am coughing up a lung, so I don't feel I was over-emphasizing last night. :-p :-)

      Funny thing is - I was also really grumpy and lost a lot of the night... not towards him - like I definitely was expressing my gratefulness through making him dinner and snuggling him and stuff, but we could both see I was a bit "lost". I bet they were connected. My mind/body/soul connection is so weird to me. :)