Friday, November 30, 2012


My Man got a $400 check in the mail. He gave it to me on my way out the door to deposit. I can't find it. This is the second check this company has sent us because the first time My Man gave them the wrong address.

I feel sick :(

I emptied my wallet and my coat. My pants dont have any pockets.

fuck. fuck fuck fuckity fuckness!!!


  1. Oh girl.. this is the story of my life... :(
    I'm sorry!!!

    I recently lost our bank account card, it's like a master card/ visa thing... but to our checking account...

    not fun

    retrace your steps when you get calm.. I usually end up finding things, unless... you put it through the wash...
    Let me tell you...
    having to wait for a new check to be cut because you washed a check is NOT fun either..