Friday, November 23, 2012


And I was NOT horrid today!! I did hit My Man once, but I really really didn't mean to and he overlooked it!! (eventually most of the day he was "thinking", but when we got home he said he believed me and I was very good otherwise :-D)

Usually after a family get together this is me -
 or more likely 

After all the stress his family gives me it SHOULD end with -


We took FOREVER taking pictures and I held my tongue...mostly.

We ate dinner in a loud restaurant and the kids were out of sorts and I told My Man I was stressed instead of freaking out.

We went back to his dad's house where the kids were being kinda nutso, and I sat on the couch and read a book instead of whining about leaving.

I was a good girl and deserve rewards. ;-)


  1. lol about the lollipop. I always wanted one when I was a little kid, but I never got one.

    I just had the poem quoted at me the other day. Except I was called wicked instead of horrid. Doesn't that sound much nicer? :)

    Enjoy your rewards!

    1. i didnt get any rewards. :-p but i am grateful to be off for 2 more days - praise The Lord! :)